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Electronics Facilities

Ricoh Electronics, Inc.
Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Ricoh Electronics, a global leader in imaging technology, has relied on Mallory & Evans for over a decade to provide quality design and construction services on numerous high tech manufacturing projects.

Ricoh Electronics, Inc.

Conditioned process air systems.

Tift General Hospital.

Pollution control equipment.

Process requirements have included:

PHandling of fine powders, solvents, & adhesives

Pneumatic conveying & specialty pumping systems

Environmental pollution control systems

Over 3,000 points of process & utility control

Process monitoring & specialized safety systems

Installation of foreign & proprietary equipment

Hazardous classification areas

Over 500 tons of structural machinery platforms

Conditioning systems for process air

Compressed air systems (over 4,000 hp)

Process chilled & cooling water systems

480V & 5KV electrical systems

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